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El Cocal Olympic Games

By 6 years ago
Categories Jalova
School was out for 3 days this week in El Cocal and we wanted to give the kids something stimulating, fun and educational to do…so GVI decided to host its version of the Olympic Games!

Over 50 kids participated in a huge range of activities organised by our volunteers, including volley ball, bowling, basket ball, relay races, limbo and of course, football.

And when the heat got too much we had plenty of games like Pictionary and arts activities to let the kids (and volunteers) express their creativity by making bracelets, paper flowers and animal masks.

Some memorable moments include…. the limbo which always seems to induce the giggles, Calett’s more obscure Pictionary drawings (including an upside down flagpole), the sand sculpture competition on the beach and the football tournament!

After 3 jam packed days of sports, art and games the kids (and volunteers) were officially exhausted but happy!

School hours in El Cocal are inconsistent, with frequent closures and cancelled classes. Thankfully, due to the hard work of our volunteers we can offer educational games, sports activities and art classes when this happens, providing the kids with a safe, educational and fun environment!