Earth Day workshop at ACJ Primary

By 5 years ago
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April 22nd is Earth Day.  A day which started back in 1970 as a way of addressing some of the environmental issues of our earth.  Earth Day has gained more and more followers over the years and is a time we work together across the world to achieve a goal of caring for and thereby improving the environment. Awareness of how we can help is a big focus for Earth Day.

At ACJ Primary school we have been doing a theme on the Environment for our after school workshops.  Our topics have included caring for the school and local environment with such things as saving electricity and water, putting litter in a bin and recycling. We ended last week with an enthusiastic litter pick up.   Today for Earth Day,  we acknowledged the fact that if each person does their bit for the environment we may see improvement across the whole world.

Our main activity for Earth Day was to make a poster to show that each and every one of us are part of the Earth.
Each of the children drew themselves to surround a picture of the world.  It will make a great display for the classroom and reinforces our concept that if we work together we can achieve great results for our world environment.  I’m sure it will be referred to many times as we continue our Environmental theme for the rest of the week.

Cheryl Martin
Project Manager