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Dont take my sunshine away. A slightly off broadway production!!!

By 6 years ago
Categories Kerala

On the 8th of June, 2011 we celebrated Environmental Day at the Auxilium School in Kerala. We had prepared a quiz for the students of each house team (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green) on many different aspects of the environment. Although we had a quiz fit for Environmental Jeopardy, we thought it was not enough and decided to go that extra mile and do the only normal thing to do!!! Come up with a play about the environment. With the teams creative thinking caps on we came up with a skit about a man called Brian, who chops down a tree in the forest and realises that the tree was home to many of Brian’s best animal friends, and after chopping down the tree his friends were no longer around. We had a great time getting ready for the play, making the most elabourate of costumes for the wide range of characters involved, such as a watering can, small tree and big tree, and the Monkey carrying the birds as well as the elusive red squirrel.
The play was targeted at a younger audience but we soon discovered like a lot of things in India, things had changed and we are performing for the oldest kids in the school, this made us all a little nervous. We were all quite anxious to see if the children would enjoy our play, and they did. They laughed throughout and cheered loudly at the end. The head mistress Sister Annie enjoyed it so much she even asked us to perform the play a second time so she could take some photo’s. Both the children and us volunteers alike enjoyed the play, and most importantly learnt a few lessons. For the kids that was not to cut down trees and for us it was that we all have a future in theatre, especially a certain sun and clouds!. So on the 8th of June 2011 we declared environmental day a HUGE success!!! Next stop Broadway.

P.S Check out the video at
Michelle x