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DIY at Olives

By 6 years ago
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After 3 hours painting there still seemed to be more paint on the volunteers than anything else. The first day of painting had gone well and even before the first coat had dried the walls of Standards 6 and 7 classrooms already looked first class.

After a few weeks of debate we had finally settled on the colour scheme for the school and got hold of all the paint we needed. The biggest decision was the new colours for the windows and the doors. Blue and Yellow just like my school at home.

After the second day the school was starting to look great. After having a bit of colour splashed on it, it looked as good as new. Apart from a brief spell of rain, ended I’m told by the rain dance some of the children were doing in one of the classrooms, we had great weather and a lot of fun.

Even though there is still a long way to go the kids love the new look and how bright the colours make the school. It’s going to be a few more weeks until the job is finished but the school looks better every day. The volunteers look more colourful than ever, although not exactly their choice when the paint doesn’t wash off for at least three days, and it’s going to be great to make the school look fresh and welcoming for the students.

Here’s hoping for dry weather.

GVI volunteer, Matt