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Diving, turtle sightings and thunderstorms!

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Diving, diving, diving is all that was happening on base for the first half of the week Alex, Molly and Jessie have finally been collecting data for coral watch, Aaron and Maria have been doing coral spots and Jessie has been learning coral diseases. Team Rescue have been saving everyone and have the bruises to prove it, Valeria is little but STRONG! Molly and Maria have been attempting to do deep dives but ear problems have been crippling there efforts. Molly thinks she may be the leader in world rankings of attempted deep dives.

There have been loads of sightings this week. Ben and Alex saw a juvenile lion fish but Ben was too busy taking photos of himself so didn’t have his spear gun, He made up for it the next day though by killing three and giving a slightly unorthodox dissection. Joma spotted two Loggerhead turtles mating in the shallows on the way out to a dive. YAY more baby turtles on their way! And on the same dive Sarah, Joma, Sophie, Molly, Alex and Jessie saw a green turtle at Barracuda Jazz on descent. Punta Allen was pleased to welcome Maura, Crystal and Maria, whose mouths were watering at the thought of roast chicken and empanadas. However midweek took a turn for the worst, as thunderstorms attacked Pez Maya, but
it meant free buckets for everyone on base, and it seemed a communal shower was the order of the day. The weather stayed cloudy and rainy for Thursday, resulting in a day full of studying and guitar jam sessions.
PS Ben’s mum, he says hi and is still alive after his lion fish hunting! (With no stings)