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My first time in GVI Playa del Carmen

By Daniela Pineda 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Since the day I decided to come to Playa del Carmen I told myself that I would not have expectations of this program so that I could experience everything new as it came. Today I have only been on this project for a couple of weeks and I am happily surprised. From the people, the job and myself.daniela 1Starting with the people who work here and volunteers I have met. I would never imagine to meet humans as good as they are, they offer me a smile and their help everyday, which despite being part of their work with GVI, they are always willing to assist in any field. They all come from different parts of the world, speak other languages ​​and have different customs but they are open to the idea that we are in Mexico and put in a good effort to enjoy every part of it.daniela 6The overall program is really humanitary. It’s amazing that people from other countries are interested in helping in any way, this little part of Mexico. I am proudly Mexican and I love my country, I love my people, my roots and customs. I am aware of the situation in which Mexico is in, and it makes me sad the enormous injustice of social classes in which we live. The work GVI is doing here amazes me such as, teaching English to children who otherwise might not have the possibility, visiting them, talking about important issues and playing with them. Being here everyday is something that makes my heart glad.

daniela 3GVI allows us to work with children from different social situations and it is amazing, to me as a psychologist, the vast intelligence of such a small being, unlike what I see in the city daily working with children. Something that makes me happy, is their boundless imagination and kindness that still remains. I like to observe how the language for them is not an obstacle at all, and they communicate with volunteers as their means allow.daniela 5I came here with no expectations at all and in a few weeks I can say I feel very happy and satisfied.