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Creche Construction

By Julia Schweitzer & Barry Gahan - Karongwe Long Term Interns 3 years ago
Categories Limpopo

Each of the interns here at GVI must complete a team leadership project. Jess, Barry, Doyle, and Julia chose to do their projects at the local crèche. The Mmakadi crèche takes over 70 children each year and is run by one single, very hard working woman. So when we got the chance, the volunteers jumped at the opportunity to help out there any way they could.  For three weeks, the interns along with the help of other volunteers and staff, were able to get many projects completed.


Instead of the children using buckets filled with maggots for a bathroom, they now have two fully working toilets. Barry with the help of Doyle and others spent much of their time digging holes, laying pipes and fitting in the toilets and tank that will supply them with running water for the toilets.


Along with the toilets, a large sign was designed for the front of the building, lots of painting was done in the learning room, and litter was picked up all throughout the crèche as well as outside the fences. There are now numbers painted in English as well as Pedi on the wall, the days of the week, months of the year, the different seasons, shapes, body parts, and the alphabet. The children now have a beautiful, clean crèche to come back to after the holiday break!


This big project would not have been made possible without the help of the rest of the volunteers and staff, for donating money to the Mmakadi crèche fund. Many people had their heads shaved (including a girl, Milanie Bekker) in order to raise this money and it was well worth it! If you would like to help us continue to turn the Mmakadi crèche into a nurturing, safe and clean environment you can donate to the Charitable Trust as well, just visit !