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Creating Calm

By GVI Florida Volunteers 5 years ago
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It’s important to remember that sadly many of the horse’s we are working with at the center in Florida have not had the easiest of lives. As wild animals taken in to captivity, many are mistreated and neglected by owners who simply do not understand their needs or know how to handle them appropriately.

We therefore implement a number of therapies and treatments to help rehabilitate the horses at the center.  Some respond very well and are able to be adopted out to new owners for a positive future, others who are simply beyond repatriation are kept at the center under conditions which allow them to live comfortably as they are unable to be re-homed. Above is a picture of a volunteer at the center conducting socialisation therapy one to one with one of the Mustangs.

It’s not all about the horses however, and the creation of a calm environment at the center is imperative to successful rehabilitation.  On the back of this, yoga lessons have been implemented weekly for volunteers and staff to create a positive atmosphere and provide them with an opportunity to engage their mind and body as well. This ties in closely with the work that is being conducted with the horses and is also a great opportunity for volunteers to try something new!