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Teaching computer lessons to adults

Each week, I’ve been teaching adults computer lessons on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. There are beginner and advanced classes, but in my first lesson on Thursday I realised that beginner means never having switched on a laptop and advanced is only a little beyond that. We spent this lesson turning on the laptops, opening Microsoft Word and typing short paragraphs to try out bold, font style and size. 

Volunteers Anna and Laura teaching computer lessons
I could tell at times it was frustrating for some when they couldn’t type fast but everyone left having taken a step forward. I’m really looking forward to progressing with these adults who are coming to lessons to help themselves advance and who can speak English a lot better than I am grasping Kiswahili. The looks of pride and amazement as they used Word and changed the look of their documents, was fantastic.

Students Josephine and Jennifer practising typing
By Laura Dunnill