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Christmas Party at Olives

By 5 years ago
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Christmas Party at Olives


This is blog is a bit late, but it’s about one of my favourite times in Kenya so far so wanted to share with you all. Olives had to close fairly early for Christmas in order to give Standard 8 the chance to take their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Certificate exams without the noise of 350 screaming children around. (Also this was being the first time kids at Olives have sat for the KCPE. We are still awaiting their results but it’s an accomplishment nonetheless!) So in order to give the kids something fun after months of exam prep and testing, we decided to throw an Olives Christmas party the Saturday after the last day of school.
Volunteers and Students decorating Olives ready for The Party… 
 My fellow volunteers and I spend all of Friday shopping for prizes, making decorations and thinking up games for the kids to play. It was refreshing to try to think of fun, silly things for them to do instead of grammar exercises. I honestly wasn’t too sure how we would turn the bare cement buildings into a holiday spectacular, but when we arrived at school early the next morning it was totally transformed.
Students having fun with the ballons
The local teachers somehow managed to get a small tent to offer a little shade in the normally stifling courtyard and with our balloons, bunting and streamers it actually looked really festive!

Volunteer Maddie with students waiting for the party to start….
Mr. Joseph, who is by far the most eccentric teacher at Olives, served as the MC for the day’s activities. He also managed to acquire some giant (albeit ancient) amps that he used to blast beats all day.
Students eagerly waiting for the games to beginning
The kids, especially the younger boys, danced for HOURS. The Olives choir also performed and were absolutely amazing (to be fair it featured mostly my kids so I’m a little biased). We also played musical chairs and did soda chugging contests.
Soda chugging contest…
 We capped the day off with massive amount of pilau, which is a Kenyan dish of rice, beef and spices. The kids NEVER get this so they were ecstatic and many found anything they could to bring it home to their siblings and friends.
Students watching the choir sing.. 
This has to have been one of, if not my most favourite day at school so far, but it was also the most tiring. I think I slept for about 13 hours afterwards. Kenyans know how to party.

 By Maddie O’Connor