Challenges and beach olympics!

By 5 years ago
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Huge congratulations go to all Triathletes as everyone successfully completed the course and the total raised came to an impressive $1544, which will be put to good use improving Punta Allen’s recycling center. The volunteer team beat the staff team in the run, but it was a close contest all the way through the swim and the cycle.  Special congratulations to solo competitor, Peyton, who came sixth in his age group and 32nd overall!

A non-diving Friday after an extremely windy week called for a plan-B day that was full of excitement. This resulted in some crazy fun Beach Olympics. Each hut plus all of the staff got creative inventing a team name, flag and outfit. As the games progressed everyone became more and more competitive.  Particularly in the spinny-pole relay which involved sprinting to a pole running around it ten times then running back in as straight a line as possible, which proved near impossible and hilariously funny for everyone involved. 
This week has been much more productive diving-wise. There have been some very exciting incidental sightings. Today, there was a huge Loggerhead Turtle sighted, from the boat, whilst it was surfacing for air. It was almost 2m long with an enormous head. These incredible beautiful creatures lay their eggs on the beaches during the months of May-June, the rest of the time they do not venture onto land but are often sighted on dives. A total of four turtles, Loggerheads and Hawksbills have been sighted this week which is fantastic. We have also had a very unusual sighting of a Sail Fish, these large fish are very uncommon around here at this time of year. So the divers who saw it were exceedingly lucky.