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Bonding on an Island

By Sara Pettersson 3 years ago

Sara Blog[Tweet “Bonding on an Island – Cap Ternay life so far…”]One day you are in your home country surrounded with media and a fast WIFI everywhere you go. You look at your smartphone every second minute. You have told yourself to leave it in your bag during the family meeting, but it always ends up in your pocket available for a quick look. What your mom said earlier you have forgot because you posted a picture on Instragram and now you’re counting likes and hope that the cute guy you met last weekend will like it!

Going to Seychelles is a very healthy choice, by healthy I mean that you can’t be online 24/7 as you like home. I remember my first day here, the hotel receptionist gave me the WIFI code, and I felt such a relief, finally I have internet again. But even though you have WIFI, dose it not mean that you really have it, because the connection is a joke. Then you start to think, what I’m I doing? I’m a really this addicted to my phone?
At the camp many of the volunteers have a local sim card and data, but it’s very slow and doesn’t always work. Therefore you actually need to bond in another way separate from your phone. First it can feel like you came to the stone age, and I guess many people are a bit scared how they should act because now they don’t have their phone to fall back on. But you connect on a deeper level; on the camp you’re spending all you day with other volunteers, you’re working, eating and sleeping together. The bond you can make with the people here is lifelong and can be stronger then you have with your “phonefriends” at home.
Instead of drowning on facebook when you have some spare time, you go for a swim, hike or challenge each other on a basketball game. Even through your work you are bonding, everyone have duties to finish during the day and if you hit a problem you help each other out to solve it. You could actually say that you become a small family; a family with people from all over the world, sharing experience and culture.
I would really recommend all of my friends to go to a place like this and have month or two with some “stone age” feeling and have a break from the outside world, and of course find friends for the rest of your life.