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Barking deer caught on camera

By 4 years ago
Categories Chiang Mai

Barking deer caught on camera
Camera traps are fairly new to the project; we recently had two placed at one location within the forest. They have been situated at a known porcupine feeding ground. One camera was collected on Wednesdays night hike. The trap was set up to take one photo every hour between 10pm and 6 am but is also motion censored so it picks up heat and movement from moving animals within it’s range. This camera was left in the same spot for two weeks; it detected two separate accounts of Common Muntjac (commonly known as barking deer) sightings. A female deer was caught on camera on the 18th April at 22:08 and a male was spotted on the 1st May at 6:45; this deer appears to be eating from the bamboo, it was most probably eating the young bamboo leafs.  
This is really exciting for me as we often hear the high pitched “bark” and see their eye shine on our night hikes but due to their secretive nature we rarely get to see their full beauty.