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Athletics Day a highlight for Steve.

By 5 years ago
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My name is Steve Johnston, I am from Nanaimo BC, Canada. Having just completed my first two week stint at ACJ Pakade Primary School on the sports program, I am already coming away with some amazing memories.

We are currently helping the school prepare for an athletics meeting on the 2nd February. We have been teaching the students the basics of sprinting, jumping and throwing events. This past Friday we had the in-school trials where all the children showed up wearing there different team colours. Using the stadium seating as a drum set, the kids that weren’t competing danced for nearly the entyre day, while others chased me and the other volunteers around with occasional pause for a massage or simply a massive pile-on.

Thankfully through all the unorganised chaos we did manage to find some amazingly quick kids to represent the school, along with a few kids that could jump farther than any of the sports volunteers. We should win a couple medals this coming weekend. After the event on Friday we were all exhausted but all came away with big smiles and great memories of the day. Only to be followed up by a fantastic evening spent with new friends and making new memories…and losing a few 😉

Steve Johnston, 24

6 weeks Sports and Surfing Programme                                                                                                       

Cape Town, South Africa