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Arriving in Mombasa ....

By 5 years ago
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Arriving in Mombasa


After a 36 hour journey I arrived in Mombasa, it was about 5am, but I was sweating, that’s the first thing you notice about Kenya, it’s so hot. After some negotiating with a driver, we agreed a price and he took me to the Reef, where I’d be spending my first night. The gap between the rich and the poor was increasingly evident the further we went into the city, rows of shacks and people carrying water were hidden in the shadows of the huge eight bedroom mansions, surrounded by electric wire on top of tall walls.

The next day arrived and I found out who I’d be staying with, there were only two of us, but it was fine. I was taken to the house where I’d be staying for the next five months. It certainly isn’t anything I’m used to, but it’s doable assuming the power doesn’t suddenly cut out.

Volunteer Steve trying a new ball game (not football..)


I adapted to life here pretty quickly and it definitely makes you appreciate what you have at home, even if it’s just something like running water that’s drinkable. The slums, whilst not very nice to look at, are very friendly. All the kids shout mzungu (white person) whenever they see you, which is endearing to start with, but I can say it’s getting old quickly.

We visited Olives Rehabilitation Centre first, almost all the kids were excited to see us, and apparently Western teaching styles are much more interactive and fun.
We taught our first class at Nyota In’garayo, covering an English exam that they’d done the week before.



Getting to know some of the students from Nyota

The holiday s arrived pretty quickly, and new volunteers along with them, there are finally a decent number of people which makes the experience much better. On the night they arrived we went out to a local pub called Bob’s (It is a pub by night , car park by day) it was a pretty decent night out….

Three of us are doing the sports bit of the holiday program at Nyota, we made tags for tag rugby from old sheets, but they only seem interested in playing football….
Volunteer Steve and students enjoying their favourite sport…

Though I have lots of ideas so we’ll see how it goes………


By Volunteer Steve Miskulin