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Sausages, Sunburn and Volunteering.

By Archie Rowan Hamilton 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

The weather has taken a turn for the worse this week, according to my ‘native’ amigos (Staff members), however, for this fair-skinned blogger, who happens to hail from Northern Ireland, the 18C+ temperatures are positively tropical- sun cream is essential in the prevention of burning my baby soft skin. This lesson should be taken on board by other members of the GVI Playa del Carmen newbie gang who returned from a weekend excursion to Tulum demonstrating a spectacular variation of skin tone (red/crimson/orange etc.)




In other news the week’s hottest culinary attraction (aside from Crystals’ fantastic five-star cooking fiesta on Wednesday nights), The Big Barbecue™ was threatened by an unexpected hurdle in the form of a lack of sausages. Our every hard-working duo of Staff Number 2 and Long-Term Intern 1 were unable to locate sausages in the vast Bodega supermarket. Undaunted Long-Term Intern 1 acquired the meat foraging expertise of Volunteer 1 (yours truly) and struck forth yet again into the Bodega Supermarket and successfully returned with meat aplenty.

Disease has also spread through the camp (not really- just making events dramatic-sorry…) in the form of the ceaseless scourge known as the Aedes albopictus, or just mosquito. At the time of writing the author counts many bites on his own body, however, Volunteer 3 seems to be the worst affected by the silent-mini-blood-sucking-fly-thingies. Nevertheless, with plenty of Insect Repellent Spray applied and brave faces we soldier on devoutly performing domestic and volunteering duties as ever.





On a more serious note, it has been business as usual on all fronts of the GVI Playa del Carmen volunteering programme. This week so far has included continuous attendance across the board at Escuelita (The Special Needs and Disability School), Coco’s (A veterinary spay-and-neuter clinic), Ludoteca’s (our child education project in conjunction with Save The Children) and our weekly trip to the Invasores community.




Furthermore a new aspect of GVI’s programme here in Playa del Carmen has got up and running this week (following a pilot session before Christmas). The exciting new project involves debate and discussion sessions in English and Spanish with students from the University of Quintana Roo. A step away from GVI’s usual child-orientated projects, volunteers are able to get involved with university-level adults with the very tantalizing prospect of improving your own spoken Spanish through interaction with young, capable, intelligent Mexicans!

Life is certainly vibrant in the Riviera Maya!