April 2014 Monthly Achievement Report

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April 15 2014

GVI Laos

Monthly Achievement Report: Internship

The beginning of April usually sees a slow-down in the fortnightly GVI Volunteer turn-over as Pi Mai, the biggest festival in Luang Prabang takes place in mid-April. Along with serene traditional Buddhist ceremonies, festive public parades and communal water splashing and celebration come also school holidays and a week off work for GVI volunteers. Yet, only a week before the commencement of the festivities, GVI Luang Prabang welcomes two new (including one returning) interns and leadership trainees.

As participants of the GVI leadership course, they will not only keep busy with the everyday work of being an English teacher, but will also complete specialised training in the area of leadership, attend meetings and debriefs with their staff mentor and complete a wide range of tasks and assessments to build their skills in team leading.

The interns’ arrival coincides with the continuing two intern’s midpoint of their internship with GVI Laos. In these past three busy months, they have been introduced to the theoretical concepts of leadership, gained knowledge about the processes, responsibilities and difficulties of leading a team. However, one of the most valuable marks of the GVI Internship programme is its practical approach and the many possibilities it offers its participants to employ their newly acquired leadership skills.

Hence, one of the highlights of the continuing interns’ past three months was the village trip they each organised. Not only was it an occasion for them to demonstrate their organisational skills by establishing contact with a Lao teacher in a remote village outside Luang Prabang, arranging the transportation, a visit of the village and an English lesson at the local school, but it was also an opportunity to prove themselves competent team-leaders. As such, their preparatory tasks for the day comprised writing a comprehensive risk assessment, delegating the tasks to their team members and leading team meetings.

Both the preliminary tasks as well as managing the field trip itself offered invaluable opportunities to develop and expand communicational, organisational and leading skills, all on top of spending a memorable day with a their fellow volunteers in an astounding Lao village.

 Written by Esthi Waldemeir, GVI Intern