Ady and Adele's presentation at Children's Paradise

By 5 years ago
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Engaging with children who have both mental and physical disabilities is vital for their development and so educating parents on how to interact with their children is of great importance. Myself and fellow volunteer Ady devised a selection of 5-30 minutes activities that parents can play with their children to stimulate their mental, physical and social development as well as encouraging their independence. 

Adele and Ady with student Nikita 

After a bit of a late start (Nepali time!!) we began the presentation. It was a bit daunting standing up in front of a group of non-English speakers but with the help of a translator it soon became a very relaxed event! Both Ady and I come from careers where we work with children and adults with disabilities so we were able to share our knowledge and experience with the parents and answer any questions they had. As very little is known of disabilities in Nepal, it was a big objective of the presentation to get the message across to the parents that they aren’t alone and it is positive to discuss their child’s needs and capabilities with others in order to gain peace of mind and reassurance.

Adele and Ady delivering their presentation

Our presentation also included a list of foods that are good and bad for children with conditions such as autism and ADHD. This really got their attention!
I hope the presentation was a success and the parents aim to spend more time with their children to help them progress in all aspects of their life. We have already received feedback that one parent spent the rest of the afternoon playing some of the games and activities with her child and is already noticing a change in behaviour – AMAZING! Even if just one child benefits from the presentation, I think we can see it as a job well done!

Volunteer Adele