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Adult English: Yuda writes a letter to his teachers

By Lisanne Spruit – Community Field Staff Shimoni 5 years ago
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Yuda is probably our most loyal and dedicated adult English student. Without fail he comes to our house for his English class three times a week, always on time. He enjoys reading books, has lots of questions about grammar and practises at home – in other words, a perfect student. Over the past year he has worked hard to improve his English. On top of that, recently Yuda requested to get computer classes as well. Just a couple of months ago, he had never used a computer before and he had no idea what a computer actually was. Now, he is able to type pretty fast without making very many errors and make changes in a word document. Well done Yuda!

Because Yuda has been coming to GVI for his classes for such a long time, he has had many volunteers teaching him. He likes meeting people from different countries and asking about their homes and families. Some volunteers he will always remember, and he keeps asking about them. Lately he has been asking about a volunteer that worked with him for a couple of months, so I suggested he could write her a letter. This seemed like the perfect way to combine English and computer class – he could correct the letter during his English lesson and then type it on the computer during computer class, so I could email his letter to the volunteer. After the weekend, Yuda came back with the most lovely handwritten letter. It took a few lessons to correct and type everything, but I think the result is amazing – who wouldn’t like to receive a letter like this?

“The most important reason for writing this letter is to inform you that I’m very happy because of the work which you did with me (I mean English language). I have improved how to read and write because I continued to read different English books. At the moment I’m reading Harry Potter. So when I remember you I feel very thankful you were my teacher. Since you left me at Shimoni, how has your life been? How is your family? Try to write a short letter for me.

Lisanne Spruit – Shimoni Community Field Staff