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A weekend in Chitwan National Park!

By 5 years ago
Categories Pokhara
Our guide Fule, Jo, and Myself

A croc watching us cruise by
We rode in a canoe like this one
I went to Chitwan on the weekend with Jo and we arranged the 3 day trip via Himalayan Encounters.  It was an amazing experience!  I loved the elephant ride through the jungle and it was absolutely surreal being out on the river early in the morning with fog still lingering above the surface of the water.
The rhinos that charged us
I’ve seen more crocodiles on this trip than the rest of my life combined, but I have to say the feeling of being charged at by a rhino beat all other experiences on the trip.  Thank God for the tree that served as a barrier between the frightened tourists (us) and the freaking scary rhinos as they came charging! And also for the very experienced guides, Fule and Kabil, who chased the silly monsters away by hitting the ground with sticks and shouting like mad men. 

Our cabin at Royal Park Hotel
Other than that, the food at Royal Park Hotel was scrumptious and the rooms were spotless, and most importantly, there was hot water throughout.

A definite recommendation!

Elephant safari crossing the river
The gorgeous girl that showed us around her jungle
Volunteer Amanda