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A fashionable social night.

By 5 years ago
Categories Cape Town

This week we’ve had our usual volunteers hard at work on their educare, sports  and teaching projects. Meanwhile Cape Town has also hosted an under 18s group of construction volunteers.  They have worked hard on Kaleni Road Park where they’ve painted some amazing designs and really given it a face lift.  There are plenty of pictures on our GVI Cape Town Face Book page and keep an eye out for their blogs. 

However, this is to report a fashionable event which occurred during the week.  Our regular volunteers joined our Under 18s for Social Night.  The volunteers were broken into teams, given a bag of bits and pieces and then given their task.  Design some evening wear…with a touch of South Africa. Teams took the task very seriously, appointed a model,
decided on a person to do a commentary and got to work.                                                                                   

Some amazing team work, great design ideas and interesting twists as the teams set to work with their designs. The  “Touch of South Africa” ranged from carrying babies on their backs, HIV awareness ribbons, carrying items on their heads and blatant commercialism in the form of
a Miss South Africa sash.   The designs..well some of the adjectives included..”out there, random, extreme”.  Classy, distinguished or fashionable weren’t really relevant on this night.  The models were chic, attractive and scary all at once really.  The commentaries were amusing and sold their models well although hard to hear above all the laughter as our models strutted their stuff.

So a new experience for all of our volunteers.  A creative and fun night.  Plenty to laugh at and a little to be afraid of. 
 Thanks to all volunteers for a great night.