3/12/13 Can You See How Lucky You Are?

By Alex, GVI Seychelles Volunteer 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse
Looking down on base from Cap Matoopa


Arriving at the GVI Base was a very positive surprise. I could not have imagined a better place to spend the next two months! The facilities are rather basic, but still provide for everything you need. The dorms are simple but airy and spacious. The kitchen is well equipped and also provides enough space to store some private treats. And even though there are around 30 people constantly living here, there is always a place where you can enjoy some privacy.


The base is located in probably the most remote corner of Mahe, which makes it a very peaceful and quite place to live – at least as soon as the compressor finally stops running…


The whole place is surrounded by wonderful nature. Fruit trees grow all over the base and on the way to our almost private beach the road is lined by coconut trees. No matter where you look, your eyes only meet different shades of green and granite rocks that stick out of the dense jungle.


After a leisurely three minute walk you arrive at front beach and thus at the entrance to your new office – the Bay Ternay Marine National Park. If you walk or swim on – depending on the tide – you will cross a wide area of seagrass where you can say “hi” to most of your juvenile fish. After a couple of minutes you’ll see the first little patches of coral. And with the water getting deeper and deeper the scenery changes into a wonderful coral reef which is overwhelmingly full of live. And this is where you will work during the next couple of weeks. Can you see how lucky you are?


But take care, because after the first glimpse underneath the surface it is already too late…you will be addicted!


Hawksbill Turtle


Life can be so wonderful…


Standing by on 68…