28/10/2013Turtles, tortoises and some more turtles!

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Hi All,

So far my time on Curieuse has been INCREDIBLE!

I have nearly been here for a week and I cannot believe what we have managed to squeeze into it. The first few days were spent settling into our new surroundings, getting to know who we will be living and working with, as well learning about the different treks and surveys we will be taking part in.

So having just about gotten used to the fact I am living on a gorgeous island, with bright blue skies, the clearest water I have ever seen and glorious sunshine (which is exciting enough), loads of other amazing things have happened. On our first snorkel just outside base I saw my first turtle, a beautiful Green turtle who was just relaxing on the reef.  I also befriended several Giant tortoises, all of whom I have invited to join us on base camp but I am still waiting their arrival, I reckon any day now!!!

Also on our first check of the turtle nesting season we found a Hawksbill turtle making her nest, we sat as she laid 187 eggs and then spent what seemed like an hour, watching her meticulously cover up the nest and then run back off into the sea. We now have a 55day wait for the babies to emerge. Very exciting!

I have also seen loads of baby sharks and a couple of baby rays swimming around in their mangrove nursery. We also went to St Pierre for a snorkel and swam with a White tip shark as well as two turtles, one of which absolutely loved the attention she was getting from us all taking photos and watching her.

Today, Friday was my day on base, Kira and I had to cook for everyone and complete some base duties. Unfortunately my bread skills are not up to much, however I am committed to becoming a master baker by the time I leave Curieuse! Later tonight we have our weekly BBQ so I am excited for that!
We also have our first weekend off and I think a few of us might go over to Praslin and spend the day relaxing by the pool and maybe treat ourselves to an ice cream or 2 and of course stock up on snacks for the week to come.

As you can see all is really good over here, the only downside are the mosquitos! I gave up counting at 32 but I reckon another turtle or 5 might make up for all the bites!

Here is to another 7 weeks on Curieuse!!