28/10/13 Alex's Blog

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Ok so I’ve been given the task of writing a blog about my time here at GVI base in Cap Ternay Seychelles, a task that perhaps others would find easy. I however am struggling hence why I may ramble on. I think the reason I find this difficult is because there has been so many incredible experiences in such a short space of time, having been here only about 5 weeks it’s fair to say I’ve seen and done a lot.  So I’ve chosen to talk about a few that have really stuck with me.

I arrived here in the Seychelles a few days before arriving at base (which I really advise as after day/days of intense travelling you really need to chill out and sleep). The instant I stepped of the plane I was taken back at how amazing Seychelles is, it’s beautiful!!! Although first thing on my mind was sleep, but unfortunately I arrived at my hotel early and wasn’t allowed in my room for a few hours, so I took to sleeping on Beau Vallon beach only to wake and find a man standing with a hundred fish standing next to me and a woman asking me if I liked the island, so it’s safe to say the locals are very friendly. After been at camp for a few days and being welcomed by both staff and current volunteers we were all as “newbies” made to feel at ease, everyone you meet is really friendly and eager to help you out which makes the beginning week a lot easier.

First weekend here, having heard about a nearby hike leading up what I guess is a mountain through a jungle (although this may be an over exaggeration). Anyway a few of us set off to navigate through the perils of the jungle and climb this mountain. This particular hike has a trail, however 5 minutes in were failed to find is so literally found ourselves hacking our way through this jungle trying to find our way up to the top. Eventually we broke free of the jungle and ended up rock climbing to the top, our water supply getting lower and lower but we triumphed and made it to the top of a peak. We were not really sure which peak it was,  but it was still a win to us! After a short rest we carefully made our way back down in to the jungle along the paths blocked by gigantic spiders, which we bravely passed while cracking open coconuts for refreshment. We eventually found our way out to the beach and broke out into a run and dived in the water practically fully clothed. Just one of the many adventures I’ve had here so far, and I’m sure there will be more to come!