28/03/13 - Sharks and surveys!

By 5 years ago
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Hello everybody.

This has been a really eventful week on base!

Our shark week started on Sunday, which is a new experience on base, each day we have had an exciting new lecture on sharks biology, threats and conservation.  I have only seen two sharks in six weeks so far so now that we have this little new knowledge we hope to see a few more hanging around when we go diving. The week was finished off with a guest speaker from Seychelles Fishing Authority who told us all about the Shark research and tagging program wich is currently going on in the Seychelles including a Lemon Shark tagging project within our own Baie Ternay!

Most of the new volunteers that arrived two weeks ago are getting signed off and are ready to survey. I really enjoy surveying…usually, however todays surge made things a little more difficult! we spent the survey dodging between Acropora amd sea urchins! But after that survey we had a really nice one to do which compensates the adrenaline rush from before. And when I think of our fabulous weather with crystal clear water and an ocean of glass it is worth everything.

For the older ones it’s getting near the end. The Dive masters did their rescue diver this weekend so we all feel much safer now when we go diving 😉 Tomorrow we are having our turtle dives again and with a bit luck we gonna see one 😀

Denise Renninger