27/5/2013 - Everyday is different on Curieuse

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Categories Mahe and Curieuse
Volunteers at the viewpoint in Vallee de Mai

Living on Curieuse in the past week can be described in one word, variety, in terms of expeditions, weather and cuisine. Following the equalling of the coco de mer record, we rounded off the day with an unbelievable veggie chilli with some superb bread. The rest of the week was rounded off with salinity sampling in the mangroves with Zach and some long and shorts “tweets” with Pat. Late Friday morning Noël, Zach, Flo, Phil and I went on a “snurtle” in the bays of Badamier and Mandarin where at long last myself and Phil finally saw a beautiful hawksbill turtle! Friday afternoon we started to prepare the weekly barbecue, where the meat this week was chicken. Along with the barbecued chicken, the GVI Curieuse crew began the preparations of a celebration of food where freshly baked roles, a veggie pizza and potatoes wedges were cooked to perfection! We rounded off the busy with a couple of well earned beers and a chance to relax.

Vallee de Mai
 The start of the most recent week had the smell of optimism in the air as the volunteers (Me, Phil & Flo) guided by Noël completed the final salinity transect points in the mangroves! The day was rounded off by an excellent Mexican meal which consisted of handmade tortilla chips, salsa, a bean dip and a spicy bean salad. We look forward to the rest of the week with excitement as a new giant tortoise survey has just been started and a field trip to the world heritage site Vallee de Mai on Wednesday is planned. Finally we will be rounding off the week with exploration of the neighbouring island La Digue.