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20/11/12 The Twelve Days of Curieuse

By 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

This a Jackie reporting from Curieuse in the Seychelles.  On base we have the oldies, Tif, Victor, Eli and Tara as well as newbies, myself, Anjan, Hanna, Emily, Rach, and the staff Patrick, Reggie, Lee, April, Noel, Esme and a trusty companion in Digby.

We have had an exciting week so far as Hawksbill Nesting season ramps up. We have had hatchling, nests laid and some fabulous data gathered.  Our Coco de Mer survey is quickly moving forward in order to have a count ready for the end of the month. We even spotted a green turtle in the water, not far from our beach!

As Chistmas season is fast approaching, a little Curieuse 12 Days of Christmas for your enjoyment, hum along as you read:

On the twelfth day in the Seychelles, Curieuse gave to me 12 hatchlings scrambling, 11 mosquito bites converging, 10 dinner menus, 9 Classifications of emergences, 8 Coco de Mer dancing, 7 nesting beaches, 6 ladies snorkelling, 5 newbies arriving, 4 coconuts a shucking, 3 hawksbills laying, 2 turtle doves (really), and 1 guitar to remember by (thanks Eli).