06/03/13 George's Charity Challenge Blog

By 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

On Thursday we all took part in the Cap Ternay Charity Challenge. We were put into 6 teams and had to complete a series of challenges to see who would win – each was optional and worth a different amount of points. Every team had to make a team flag and a team dance the night. The red team (my team) started off in first place as we had raised the most money.

The challenges began at 8:30 AM and most teams started off by climbing Cap Matoopa. After taking in the amazing views from the summit, most teams headed away from base to complete some different challenges in various parts of the island. Most teams went on the Tea plantation hike which was worth 100 points but our team decided to complete all of the little challenges to try to get all of the points available without having to do the longer more difficult challenges.

After completing all of the challenges possible, we headed to Beau Vallon where we arrived at the finish line 2 hours early and sat on the beach and relaxed until the other teams arrived. As the other teams arrived, we took the opportunity to steal the other teams’ flags and get a photo taken whilst holding the flag to gain bonus points. After all the teams finished we went to the Boat House for a fantastic Creole buffet and some well earned cold beers.