02/06/2013 - Last Week on Curieuse

By 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse
Another week has passed on Curieuse. It was a short week, in terms of expeditions.

On Tuesday, we went on our second tortoise census. It was great fun trying to find the tortoises we hadn’t tagged so far. Most of them were hiding in the forest near the ranger station. So far 93 have been tagged, I feel for the next group of volunteers: We did all of the easy ones who were just laying around at the ranger station, the remaining ones are hiding somewhere on the Island. On our last Coco de Mer, we saw one tortoise half up a hill in the most dense vegetation you can find on Curieuse, so good luck for finding all of the tortoises.

On Wednesday morning, we did an experimental tweet over to the beautiful beach of Badamier. Pat wanted to scout out some new points for the bird watching program. We started at 6 am and had breakfast in the field, just like we do for the Coco de Mer survey. This expedition reminded me more of a Coco de Mer than a Tweet, due to the fact that we had to make our way through the thick vegetation of Curieuse. But it was worth it; we had an amazing view over Baie Laraie when we were at the top, and we spent the rest of the morning at Badamier.

We spent the rest of the week cleaning the camp and relaxing, enjoying our last few days on this beautiful island.

Curieuse is ready for its new volunteers, we hope you enjoy your time here as much as we have!