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01/12/13 Why Did I Join GVI?

By Niklas, GVI Seychelles Volunteer 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse
Why did I join GVI? That is a good question. I did my apprenticeship back home in Germany and I wanted to see a bit of the rest of the world. I found GVI and read about diving, which I have never done before, and the conservation work. I told myself to do it, and after 4 weeks here, I can say it was the right decision!


When I arrived in Seychelles, I felt a bit nervous because I did not know what to expect. My first night in Seychelles was a special night because there were so many strange sounds at the hotel, I couldn’t sleep very well. The next day I was picked up by the GVI staff to join the expedition. One of the staff members arrived and said, “Hey, are you Niklas?“ I said “yes!“ and the adventure started!


Everyone was so nice when we arrived at Cap Ternay, you don’t realise how busy they keep you when you first arrive. The first week you learn a lot about the things at the base and about yourself living in a new environment.


One thing that I also noticed was that the staff members make a really good team. They work hand in hand. Each time when you have a question or anything they are present. The people who know me know that I can ask them questions all day long :D. It is really cool to have a lot different characters in the staff team.


My first experience with diving was amazing. You can´t even describe the lovely reef, other than to say it is amazing!! Our beach is really beautiful, we have our own dive boat, the lovely Manta. If you want to get some fresh fruits, then you only have to go out of the Camp and look around you.  There are lots of Coconut plants and local fruits, I just went once or twice a week out to look for new fruits and enjoy the time I have for myself in the nature.


The main thing here I like to do is to cook in the kitchen. When I think back to my time back home in Germany, I never really tried to cook. My first real cooking experience here I tried to make bread and soup. We make the bread from scratch. It was not hard to made the bread but it was tricky to keep an eye on the breads while they are baking in the oven.


Now I want to try to make coconut bread. I just came up with the recipe in my head, amazing what you could do if you´re free. Time to get baking!