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Flash floods at Karongwe

2009-03-02 19:25:00

This morning between 5am and 8:30am the heavens opened, dropping 80mm of rain on the already rain-soaked reserve.

Not surprisingly the research drives were cancelled, so we drove to the main road and then North to the KuvenyamiRiver as it was bound to be in full spate. One of the side barriers on the bridge was missing, I hope nobody went over the edge…

We then drove a little further North to the MakutsiRiver.

Then back South to our little Karongwe River…

All the fences through the rivers had been washed away and we saw a car that had come off the road and rolled down a hill (there was no one around so assumed they’d got out ok). Its now mid afternoon and the rain just hasn’t stopped. The afternoon drive has also been cancelled so staff member Sandra Jacob has devised yet another overly complicated game to keep the EMs occupied!

Story and photos thanks to Karongwe intern Paul Weller

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