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The Jalova Blog

Surprises as a daily routine in Jalova.

After three months in Jalova, it starts feeling like home. You’ve adopted some ‘jungle routines’ and become less suspecting when capuchins drops fruits on the roofing of the dining room. More often than not however, the next day will have surprises lurking around the...

9 weeks in the Seychelles

Nine short weeks in Seychelles is coming to end. It is a huge contrast to my usual nine-to-five at a bank in the heart of Auckland City, New Zealand. Every day I woke up to the sound of three fans doing their best to keep me cool, rustling leaves outside and my...

Bonding on an Island

[Tweet “Bonding on an Island – Cap Ternay life so far…”]One day you are in your home country surrounded with media and a fast WIFI everywhere you go. You look at your smartphone every second minute. You have told yourself to leave it in your...

My GVI experience so far

It’s Monday and the second day of my sixth week. Last week two new volunteers arrived and we said goodbye to eight volunteers who finished their time here. I got to know those people five weeks ago and those five weeks passed by incredible fast. But at the same time I...

The Real Way to Experience Thailand

The Real Way to Experience Thailand

Living in Baan Nam Khem opens your eyes to a whole different side of Thailand. A stark contrast to the fast paced larger cities, this humble village is rich in both culture and history. When walking down the streets of the village you will always feel welcomed by the...

Exploring Mahé

Exploring Mahé

This week Roos, one of our 10 week volunteers, tells us about the adventures you can have here on Mahé during volunteer weekends.    A lot of volunteers decide to go to La Digue or Praslin for the weekend, however Katinka, Jakob and I (Roos) had decided to rent a...

The Beautiful Island of Koh Kho Khao

This week was not as eventful as last week because of the wonderful ceremony we were able to attend and release 68 of the turtles that we help clean and care for at the Navy Base. But, we did have a great time on the bird walk on Ko Kho Khao island. We saw many birds...

GVI Open Day

Attend the GVI Open Day in March!

Meet the GVI Team at the bi-annual GVI Open Day in London, on the 25th March.

Get all your questions answered, and meet our passionate staff, ambassadors and alumni!

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