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It’s a Beautiful Life at Pez Maya

I have been at Pez Maya for just over a month and can safely say that my time here has been pretty fantastic! My first week went quite quickly; doing a swim test and sitting in on presentations about the coral reef. We learned about different hazards the reefs around...

This Is Why You Should Help Protect Elephants

This Is Why You Should Help Protect Elephants

Elephants: large herbivorous mammals with long trunks, sharp tusks and big, flappy ears. Today we are celebrating these gentle giants and their importance in the environment. Happy World Elephant Day! Most people’s thoughts on elephants are limited to ‘those big...

GVI Open Day

Attend the GVI Open Day in March!

Meet the GVI Team at the bi-annual GVI Open Day in London, on the 25th March.

Get all your questions answered, and meet our passionate staff, ambassadors and alumni!

To attend, please register here